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Beauty and glow most certainly start from the inside. Looking and feeling great is a direct result of our inner health— our daily actions and decisions create our experience. With the new year ahead, we’re excited to share our 3 steps to add more GLOW into your life.

SHEKNOWSWhen we take care of ourselves by eating nutrient-dense, healing foods and pay attention to our minds and bodies, we create inner balance. In the new year, make it your daily intention to focus on the following three areas:

1) diet + nutrition
2) exercise + body
3) spirituality + mind

Giving positive attention to these three facets and staying devoted to your intentions will make all the difference in your inner and outer beauty in the new year.

Read more about our 3 tips to more #glow HERE.

We’re here to help you manifest your GLOWY intentions — contact us for meal planning, nutrition counseling, yoga, meditation guidance, art therapy,  and detox assistance.

EMAIL // glow@howyouglow.com

xoxo Tara & Jessie

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