tenoverten nail salon
Refined, Chic, and #Glowy NYC Nail Salon

The vision of tenoverten salons is to help people take care of their nails in a healthier and more refined environment. We’re all about long-term nail health, and tenoverten is too. Their five-free, cruelty-free, beautiful, and honest nail care products are as glowy as they come.

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Simone De La Rue
Fitness Guru, Teacher, Dancer

Simone De La Rue is the namesake behind BBS– Body By Simone, that is. Her revolutionary exercise studios have the BEST vibes, providing intense workouts centered around dance, toning, good music and trampolines (!!!). We’re totally following Simone’s lead to get glowing, long lean bodies…

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#GetGLOWY // Sun Essentials

It’s #GetGLOWY Friday // Hanging outside & at the beach is our favorite part of summertime, but that means we need to be extra diligent in protecting our skin. Your skin is precious– take care of it please! Here are some of our top products to keep you vibrant, healthy, and of course GLOWY. 

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Erica Chidi // The Mama Circle
Doula, Mama Counselor, Glow Babe

This #glowbabe has created The Mama Circle, a hip and modern community for expectant parents throughout the pregnancy and birthing process. Erica is fostering an incredible support circle inspired by birth, motherhood, food and family.

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VIDEO // Pamela Salzman’s Almond Butter Millet Blondies

Decadent yet light and guilt-free– Pamela Salzman does it again with her Almond Butter Millet Blondies. These bad boys are Gluten-free and just the right amount of sweet! Watch the video to see just how easy they are to whip up at home…and then make them to see how insanely good they taste!

HOW YOU GLOW // Pamela Salzman’s Almond Butter Millet Blondies from How You Glow

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