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The lovely Nolita boutique Warm, along with it’s namesake fragrance, is definitely a little slice of beachy heaven in the city.

Warm is a specialty shop whose wares are curated with love and attention by the glowing Winnie Beattie and her husband Rob Magnotta. They spend their lives, along with their two boys, in pursuit of warmth-in people, places and objects. Winnie spent her childhood in Hawaii and met Rob in the ocean surfing– so their shared love of sunshine, mountains, travel, and family is innate. The store was created for other urban hippies like them who live in the big city but gravitate towards the tropical and free spirited.

 Warm carries thoughtful specialty brands who pay attention to the little things; exquisite craftsmanship, yummy fabrics, handmade details, small batches, capsule collections, often family owned and oriented with an overall focus on being special and next level good.

Their signature fragrance, originally made for Winnie by her perfumer friend to wear on her wedding day, is seriously such a delight. Made by hand in small batches in sunny California, it smells like a day at the beach & warm skin kissed by the sun.

181 Mott Street, btwn Kenmare & Broome
New York City, 10012
(212) 925-1200 // www.warmny.com

Photography by: Jai Lennard

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2 thoughts on “Warm

  1. I love you but am broke lol. And I dont have a credit card and im short lol…but I need some of this in my life youare so amazing thank you for being you because I have hope now for my journey visiting ur site. I actually found you by googling “how to radiate warm positive loving glow” and came to this page.

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