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The Neck Down
How To Glow, Lifestyle

We had the pleasure of playing dress up with the beautiful Paige Elkington and Eleanor Wells, co-founders of The Neck Down, a new online vintage store for the “cool kids.” 

Paige and Eleanor brought over a hand-picked selection of some of their unique and incredibly dope pieces for us to try on, all of which we fought over and wanted to keep. Their daring yet tastefully curated choices set this dynamic duo apart from your average vintage retailer. These girls have the magic eye, and impeccably rad taste. If they sell it, we want it. End of story.

Shop their site now for their special vintage finds. Everything they sell is the perfect staple that you need in your closet to make it glow!

The Neck Down // www.theneckdown.com

Photography by: Emily Knecht

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