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The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills // Rosé + Cheese Tasting
Eat + Drink, How To Glow

This cheese mecca is one of our TOP happy places in LA. We are cheese obsessed and quite simply, The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills has the best of the best from cheese to bread to speciality food items and more. We we would move in if we could…

Stopping into the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills is always a delight. Their team of deeply knowledgable “cheesepeople” staff, carefully selected varieties of traditional and artisanal cheeses, and a great pick of all the best food friendly wines and gourmet items (many from local purveyors) makes this shop an absolute gem. This is a cheese store with heart and soul, and one of the best spots in Beverly Hills if you ask us. It’s at the top of our list when we want to treat ourselves or someone special  — as they say, they are all things foodie… and they are our go-to for party trayscatering and custom designed gifts.

Opened in 1967, the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills is run by owner Norbert Wabnig and his team of CheesePeople, who are wholeheartedly dedicated to creating an incredible experience when you’re at the shop. They will let you sample tons of their exquisite cheeses until you find just the right ones to take home with you. And, it doesn’t hurt that they insist you try it with their freshly baked baguette (which a local customer bakes out of her home)!

The Cheese Store of BH is an epicenter of cheese & wine education for culinary professionals and amateurs alike. They offer monthly themed Cheese & Wine Pairing Classes and professional curriculum courses for culinary schools. Norbert’s Cheese Course 101 and Master Grilled Cheese Class are popular social outings as well. We had the chance to go to their Summer Rosé & Cheese Tasting (led by the incredible Tony!)… and wow, what a delightful and delicious night it was :)

The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills
419 N. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, California 90210
Store Hours: Monday – Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., Sunday 12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
(310)278-2855 // www.cheesestorebh.com

Photography by: Jessica Chanen

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