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Meal Planning



Product Description

Take the guess-work out of weekly meals— Tara will be provide you with a weekly nutritional wellness plan, which includes a detailed day-to-day eating guide, grocery list, suggested workout plan, and holistic guide to overall GLOW.  This plan is tailored to your to specific goals
Remote Access (email / phone-call access)
  • First session, $185
  • $100/week (1 week minimum)
  • Wellness coaching and meal planning remotely, where I start off by assessing your personal goals with a general health assessment (via phone call) , from there I will make you a tailored wellness program guide
  • You will be provided a weekly day-to-day wellness plan (every sunday night) where you will be told the foods to eat, what foods to keep stocked in your kitchen, and guide you through your weekly meals
  • Alongside the meal plan, you will be provided with suggested workout plan, restaurant-eating guides, and other holistic GLOW guidance
  • Weekly phone email check-ins will provide you balance and coaching alongside the program


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