#DONNIxHYG Gigi Seersucker


5″ x 35″


100% cotton


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Portion of our proceeds will go to A Window Between Worlds.

A Window Between Worlds (AWBW) was founded in 1991 with one intention — to use art in a way that would make a difference. It all started when Los Angeles artist Cathy Salser facilitated art workshops for residents and staff for a variety of domestic violence shelters on a national tour. What she found that summer, and what continues to inspire the work of AWBW today, is that even one art workshop can change a life forever.

Creating art is a catalyst, opening windows of safety, connection and healing. Through Windows Programs participants are able to express feelings in a different way, empowering them to reclaim self-worth and make meaning of their journeys. As they make art — by drawing, sculpting, painting, collaging, writing and more — participants voices are heard and future potential is seen, often for the first time.


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