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Looks can be super deceiving, because we’ve been smoking– but smoking only plants and essential oils! Get the lowdown on these mini personal diffusers we’ve been puffing on.


MONQ is aromatherapy for the modern age. With 7 unique blends, these personal diffusers allow you to infuse organic essential oils straight into your system. Made with just water vapor, whole-plant extracts of organic wild-picked fruit, flowers, citrus, and other florals, these mini diffusers are made of just pure goodness. Zero tobacco, zero nicotine, and zero artificial chemicals in these babies, so you are left with only high vibrations and nature to inhale. Think of MONQ as a portable essential oil diffuser to help regulate mood and infuse good vibes into daily life.

We love the total array of 7 blends (Zen, Vibrant, Sleepy, Skinny, Sexy, Healthy, Happy), but particularly love the Vibrant & Sexy MONQs. We bring these with us out on our days and even on nights out– it’s a pretty glowy companion, and trust us everyone around you will want a puff of what you’re having. MONQ is the perfect way to #getGLOWY.

MONQ // www.monq.com
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2 thoughts on “#getGLOWY // MONQ

  1. On behalf of MONQ, I just wanted to thank How You Glow! Your readers are great! We’ve had a lot of interaction with many of them, and we really appreciate How You Glow.

    Some people have asked us our opinion regarding why we think that aromatherapy works. We’ve just published a series of articles on our blog on the subject, and would be delighted to hear your opinions.

    Thank you!

  2. I just purchased Monq for the first time. Can’t wait to try it when it comes in the mail. It’s like smoking, in my opinion. Without all the bad chemicals. I’m inhaling plants and oils. How cool is that. I need something to wind me down while i’m at work on break and after work. This is the product for me.

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