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Another Kind Of Sunrise
Eat + Drink, How To Glow

This tiny cereal-centric takeaway spot is the type of place you’ll want to visit every morning. From the killer acai-bowls, to homemade granola & muesli–everything here is organic, healthy and delicious. 

Another Kind of Sunrise is a super cute takeaway stand tucked away down an alley off Abbot Kinney in Venice, which serves mostly cereal based delights. Their ingredients are top-notch and all organic. We really can’t get enough of their acai-bowls which are seriously some of the best we’ve ever had–the difference is in the consistency. The acai is whipped to a light-airy perfection, making it filling but not a weigh-you-down meal. The only options for milk are grass-fed WHOLE milk, homemade almond milk, or Mylkman Almond-Coconut milk… definitely How You Glow approved.

Another Kind of Sunrise
1629 Abbot Kinney Blvd.
Venice, CA 90291

Photography by: Jessica Chanen

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