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AeroGarden // GIVEAWAY & PROMO
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Want to bring some garden #glow into your home without any dirt or weeds?! Start growing lush, beautiful gardens with AeroGarden’s fool-proof indoor LED set.

AeroGarden makes gardening simple. Without all the dirt and mess, this garden set lets you grow your favorite cooking herbs and vegetables virtually anywhere at any time! It tells you when it’s time to add water and nutrients, and the device even turns grow lights on and off to simulate the Sun. AeroGardens ensure fast, healthy plant growth by ensuring perfect amounts of light, water and nutrients.

It is SO easy to grow fresh herbs and vegetables, making AeroGarden a great gift for any foodie or gardener on your list! Especially with the holidays rolling through, you have enough time to grow your own herbs for your holiday dinners. Personally, we’re so excited to use the chives in our mashed potatoes, the parsley on our fish, and basil in our pestos. So many options for these fresh herbs and vegetables!

We use fresh herbs in most all of our cooking. From the various health benefits to the incredible flavors they impact, fresh herbs are the magical touch that really make your food as #glowy as can be. It’s really an incredible experience– like farm to table right in your own home!

GIVEAWAY & PROMO: Want to win an AeroGarden? Share in the comments and across social (ie. show us how you like to use herbs through your photos) what you would grow using an AeroGarden. Tell us how you like to use fresh herbs in your cooking. The winner will be provided with their own AeroGarden and prize pack!

Be sure to use ALL 3 of the following tags on your photos:

1. @howyouglow
2. #howyouglow
3. #AeroGardenGLOW

*Winner will be announced on Dec. 19th 2014!

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This post is brought to you by AeroGarden. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that support us!
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8 thoughts on “AeroGarden // GIVEAWAY & PROMO

  1. I use basil in a lot of my cooking, so I would love to grow some fresh basil in this Aerogarden, I cook a lot of pasta dishes, like spaghetti and meatballs, one of my personal favorites.

  2. I would use my Aerogarden to grow a variety of herbs. I am looking forward to seeing how much fun it will growing indoor herbs. I am excited about posting my results on youtube.
    It’s going to be fun watching a timeline on the growth of my new garden.
    I have heard great things about this product but have never tried it myself. I love gardening and bringing the outdoors inside sounds like something everyone should do.

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